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We are BACK for our 3rd Summit! 

May 9-11, 2022 (evenings only)


What is the


It's a fact. The world is changing FAST. Our very way of living has been upended and people are afraid. Every day we are hearing from people:

  • Will I catch this virus?
  • How do I help my family?
  • What about the economy?
  • Will we ever return to normal?
  • Why is this so extreme?
  • "I feel so lonely"

This FREE ONLINE EVENT is a place to find reason. Get grounded and find your inner strength to weather the storm. Your business will thank you. Your family will thank you. Your inner peace will be restored.


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Here's What You Will Learn

How to navigate this new economy

Stop Negative Thoughts and Behaviors

Maximize opportunities for your business

Thrive in Times of Chaos & Crisis


(you have nothing to lose and everything to gain)

Featured Speakers for This Event

Jeremy Whaley

Online Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Jeremy is an expert in online business and entrepreneurship. He has been involved with online business and marketing for over 12 years, during which time he has launched several online businesses. He is the host of the Think Rich Radio podcast and CEO of Think Rich Media, which is committed to helping individuals learn how they can experience financial freedom through online business, real estate and paper asset investing.  Jeremy has taught over 100,000 people online in the area of financial education, and he has a unique ability to connect with people where they are while offering powerful distinctions of what they need to do next.  You can learn more about him at jeremywhaley.com.

Dr. Scott Young

Expert on Coming Financial System

Dr. Scott Young, an Audiologist in Tulsa, has been a WWII researcher for decades. Twenty-three years of Audiology practice has allowed him to contact many Holocaust survivors. He started college at UNC in Greeley, Colorado, as a Vocal Performance major and quickly realized that direction was not his future. Switching to English and Deaf Education made sense at the time, but God had other plans. He went back for his Master’s then his Doctorate at Arizona School of Health in Phoenix, Arizona for Audiology. He is a left and right brain thinker. This can be unusual for some who talk to him, but he knows how to teach and present in public in ways that are completely understandable. He has completed many presentations on various subjects, has been a Bible Study leader for more than a decade, sang more than one hundred solos, and has appeared on stage for other singing events. You can reach him at drscottyoung.com

Kenya Whaley

Certified Health  & Life Coach

Kenya has been a lover of health and nutrition since she was a child. At a very young age she learned the value of eating quality foods and avoiding the temptation to fill your body with toxins. After discovering the value of coaching in her own life, Kenya decided to offer her own coaching in the area she knows most about - health. She is a certified health coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Robbins Madanes certified life coach, as well as a busy homeschool mom with a calling to love and serve. Her strength as a coach lies in her incredible positivity and her gift of connecting with people at a deep level. Originally from Brasil, Kenya has been in the states for nearly 20 years.  She now lives with her fantastic husband and wonderful 3 kids in Nashville Tennessee. 

So What's On The Agenda...?

This summit will be held ONLINE over 3 evenings. Every evening we will host a LIVE WEBINAR which will be simulcast to multiple social platforms. The video will be available for replay for limited time afterwards, at which time the video recording will no longer be available.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these professionals has graciously offered to donate their time and insights for this event. Normally each of them charges thousands of dollars for their insight and wisdom, please be respectful and let's thank them for their work! 

Night 1 - Monday • May 9:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - Opening Keynote:  "Calm In The Storm"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

Jeremy will be addressing current events, both socially and economically, and providing an outlook of what to expect as the world starts to emerge from the disruption of the past 2 years. Will life ever return to normal? What are the opportunities that are ahead? And most importantly, what kind of changes might you want to make permanently to your life and routines? These questions and more will be addressed. But best of all, you will leave this session feeling inspired and encouraged as you realize your best days are on their way!

9:00 PM (ET) -  "Why Do These Things Keep Happening?"   -  Presented by Kenya Evelyn

Have you ever felt you keep experiencing the same challenges in your life over and over?  You know you want a different reality but sometimes it just seems the same problems keep coming back? Join Coach Kenya as she pulls back the curtain on modern day research that explains WHY certain things keep happening in our lives. This is not the basic "law of attraction" stuff that was popular in the early 2000s. (ugh! That's so 2001!) No this is cutting edge explanations of how our reality works.  Don't like the results you're getting?  CHANGE THEM!  How?  Kenya will be talking about that in this session. 

10:00 PM (ET) -  "New Opportunities for the NEXT Greatest Generation"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

2008-2022 has been a very difficult economic season wrought with stock market chaos, inflation, low and in some cases negative interest rates, and of course most recently, global pandemic and global lockdowns.  Is it possible the future could be bright?  In this session you will learn not only that the future is bright, but you will also discover how to structure your financial world so you never have to experience financial chaos again.  You will also be introduced to some of the most ground breaking opportunities currently available and how you can take advantage by setting up now for what is about to come (hint, it's all good!)

Night 2 - Tuesday • May 10:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - "2020-2022:  What Was It All About"   -  Presented by Dr. Scott Young

Let's be honest... the last 2 years have been nothing short of flat out BAZAAR!  So what's really going on? Is the story about a 'virus trying to kill us' the actual event, or is it a distraction from a much bigger storyline?  In this session Dr. Scott Young breaks down the truth about the global agenda that has been evolving for the last 50+ years, only to culminate in this timeframe of 2020-2022. You will be shocked at some of the truths revealed, cry at some of the realities, and be inspired at some of the coming opportunities. This is A MUST SEE SESSION!

9:00 PM (ET) -  "How to Build a Business of The Future - NOW"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

You've heard people say "the future is here" but never before in history is it more true than right now. Over the next 8-10 years everything will change as old financial institutions disappear and evolve into modern streamlined banking centers, and as old "corporate global giants" implode while the small at-home-preneur takes over the world (literally). In this session you will discover how you can get involved in this new wave of business and create your own income that can be predictable, scalable, and something you can do from home (if you want).  Or maybe you're more of the "work in the coffee shop" kind of person - you can do that too. Regardless this session will show you the models for making that happen so you can easily decide which one is right for you to get started now. 

10:00 PM (ET) -  "The Money of the Future"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

In 2009, while most of the world was watching the financial credit crisis unfold, quietly in the underground of internet geeks and programmers, the most ground breaking technology to ever hit planet earth was being developed... Now that technology is growing at a pace faster than any tech in history and is on track to dominate the plan by 2025.  It's about time you learned this technology as well as how it is being used to facilitate financial transactions and change the face of finance as we know it.  If you thought the internet was big in 1995, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Join us in this MUST SEE session to discover how this technology works and why you need to be getting invovled in it today. 

Night 3 - Wednesday • May 11:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - "NESARA: The Debt & The Red Pill"   -  Presented by Dr. Scott Young

Join us for PART 2 of Dr. Scott Young as he builds on last night's sessions and explains exactly how our financial system is being recreated from the ground up.  Dr. Scott will go more in-depth on the Debt Jubilee as well as how our financial world is evolving rapidly, so that you can 1) understand what's going on and 2) be positioned to take action when the time to act is now. 

9:00 PM (ET) -  "How to Get Back to Your Money Roots NOW"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

Since the early days of barter Silver & Gold have been used as one of the primary mediums of exchange.  Despite the emergence of Crypto and the exclusive global use of Fiat Currency today, Gold and Silver are still not just an essential part of our economic system, but also the constitutional requirement for how we transact in America. In this session you will understand the importance of having Gold and Silver assets and be introduced to a way to acquire more at some of the best prices. 

10:00 PM (ET) -  "NOW WHAT? - Taking the Next Steps to CITS"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

Now that you have seen the future and recognize all of the opportunities available, it's critical if you want to change the future you must start with a single decision to actually make that change.  This session is designed to help you get UNSTUCK, and moving in the direction of the future you want to create. If you fully participate you will leave this session with a vision and a plan as well as executable steps to begin the realization of that future. After this session, the rest is up to you!

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