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Begins Monday May 18 | 8:00 PM ET

We are BACK for our 2nd Summit! 

May 18 - 21 (evenings only)


What is the


It's a fact. The world is changing FAST. Our very way of living has been upended and people are afraid. Every day we are hearing from people:

  • Will I catch this virus?
  • How do I help my family?
  • What about the economy?
  • Will we ever return to normal?
  • Why is this so extreme?
  • "I feel so lonely"

This FREE ONLINE EVENT is a place to find reason. Get grounded and find your inner strength to weather the storm. Your business will thank you. Your family will thank you. Your inner peace will be restored.


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Here's What You Will Learn

How to navigate this new economy

Manage your mindset and energy

Maximize opportunities for your business

Keep your immune system in peak condition


(you have nothing to lose and everything to gain)

Featured Speakers for This Event

Jeremy Whaley

Online Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Jeremy is an expert in online business and entrepreneurship. He has been involved with online business and marketing for over 12 years, during which time he has launched several online businesses. He is the host of the Think Rich Radio podcast and CEO of Think Rich Media, which is committed to helping individuals learn how they can experience financial freedom through online business, real estate and paper asset investing.  Jeremy has taught over 100,000 people online in the area of financial education, and he has a unique ability to connect with people where they are while offering powerful distinctions of what they need to do next.  You can learn more about him at jeremywhaley.com.

Steve Roehm

Life & Business Coach

Nearly 20 years ago, Steve Roehm's life changed when he discovered the power of the unconscious mind.  At that time he was fighting destructive habits of drugs, alcohol and chemical abuse, all while trying to overcome his own inner world of depression and self sabotage. Following his incredible life turn around, Steve decided to dedicate the rest of his life helping others discover their own transformational change. Known as the best hypnotherapist in the south, Steve has helped more than 5000 people stop smoking, along with thousands of others breakthrough self limiting beliefs, overcome PTSD, weight loss issues and more.  In recent years he has expanded into success coaching, business coaching, and peak performance coaching - in every case helping the individual break through their own self sabotage on an unconscious level, to embrace who they were created to be. 

Millicent St. Claire

Accelerated Learning Strategist & Success Coach

Millicent’s speciality is a well rounded one-of-a-kind personal development program that enhances IQ and intellectual wealth to accelerate learning and compete in this global economy. She also delivers a breakthrough EQ training to enhance emotional intelligence and energy management in times of stress. Since 1996, Millicent has been quietly traveling and teaching at schools, universities, businesses, and churches. Her breakthrough LIGMO! Let It Go Move On personal coaching program offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to develop a mindset and skillset that helps business professionals improve communication, relationships and financial decision making.

Stacey Andres

CEO Anchor Financial

Stacey has always had an interest in the stock market and building wealth. He believes that one of the biggest failures of our educational system is that it does not teach us how money really works.  Yet, through SMART planning with the right tools financial independence can be achieved without the risk and volatility traditional planning struggles to avoid.  In 2013 he and his wife Michelle started Anchor Financial to help people plan for financial independence using the tools and ideas he learned from working with some of the top planners in the United States.  He teaches how you can get out of debt, position yourself for tax advantaged income, and gain more control of your financial situation thus moving yourself toward financial independence.  He and his wife live in Spring Hill, TN with their three children Theoron, Shaley and McKenna.

Kenya Whaley

Certified Health  & Life Coach

Kenya has been a lover of health and nutrition since she was a child. At a very young age she learned the value of eating quality foods and avoiding the temptation to fill your body with toxins. After discovering the value of coaching in her own life, Kenya decided to offer her own coaching in the area she knows most about - health. She is a certified health coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Robbins Madanes certified life coach, as well as a busy homeschool mom with a calling to love and serve. Her strength as a coach lies in her incredible positivity and her gift of connecting with people at a deep level. Originally from Brasil, Kenya has been in the states for nearly 20 years.  She now lives with her fantastic husband and wonderful 3 kids in Nashville Tennessee. 

So What's On The Agenda...?

This summit will be held ONLINE over 4 evenings. Every evening we will host a LIVE WEBINAR which is simulcast to the facebook group. The video will be available for replay for only 24 hours at which time the video recording will no longer be available.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these professionals has graciously offered to donate their time and insights for this event. Normally each of them charges thousands of dollars for their insight and wisdom, please be respectful and let's thank them for their work! 

Night 1 - Monday • May 18:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - Opening Keynote:  "Calm In The Storm"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

Following the first Calm In The Storm Summit, Jeremy will be addressing current events, both socially and economically, and providing an outlook of what to expect as the world starts to reopen and emerge from this disruptive event. Will life ever return to normal? What are the opportunities that are ahead? And most importantly, what kind of changes might you want to make permanently to your life and routines? These questions and more will be addressed. But best of all, you will leave this session feeling inspired and encouraged as you realize your best days are on their way!

9:00 PM (ET) -  "Peace of Mind in Turbulent Times"   -  Presented by Steve Roehm

How can we find peace when chaos is surrounding us? In this session Steve will addresses this issue and deliver some practical immediate tools you can implement to bring PEACE into your life, even when the storms are raging all around you. 

Night 2 - Tuesday • May 19:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - "Preparing for Every Financial Storm"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

12 Weeks ago the U.S. Economy was the best in the history of this nation. Just 4 weeks later we were twirling down a death spiral into an economic recession that would see the worst un-employment since the great depression. Is it possible to prepare for such chaos? The answer is YES, and in this session you will discover the new paradigm that is needed to prepare for such times. You will learn 3 secrets that will help release you from any financial prison you may be experiencing, and move you towards the financial freedom you desire and deserve. 

9:00 PM (ET) -  "FREEDOM: Debt free living in 10 years or less"   -  Presented by Stacey Andres

The fastest way to destroy a financial future is to spend it before you get there. Yet, let's be honest, it is nearly impossible to get some of the things we need to function in society without incurring some debt along the way. In this session you will discover an incredible technique you can implement right now to pay off all of your debts and live 100% debt free in 10 years or less (including all mortgages), and how you can do that with the resources you already have!  Now that's a plan! 

Night 3 - Wednesday • May 20:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - "Improving Your Daily Reality"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

Studies show that most people simply are not living the life they want to live. More than 95% of the world lives pay check to pay check, focusing most of their energy on how to pay the bills. THAT'S NOT LIVING! In this session Jeremy will share 3 secrets he has discovered to getting more out of life and unlocking all of the extraordinary things you were created to do/live. If you're looking to improve your reality, break free from some habits and start moving towards a more fulfilling life, this is a session you really must attend. 

9:00 PM (ET) -  "From Room mate back to Romance"   -  Presented by Jeremy & Kenya Whaley

Apparently being "stuck at home" is difficult in more ways than one... many couples who would say "I love you" are discovering "I can't stand you" to be coming to mind frequently. In this intimate session Jeremy & Kenya share their own story of marriage difficulties and how they have overcome and learned to meet each others needs while also maintaining their own. If you are struggling to appreciate your other half during these difficult times, this session will give you some useful tips to apply immediately. 

Night 4 - Thursday • May 21:

(all times Eastern Time Zone)

8:00 PM  (ET) - "The Best Income Opportunities for 2020"   -  Presented by Jeremy Whaley

2020 is shaping up to be a much different "banner year" than people expected. So where should one invest their money right now? Is it even safe to invest? What kind of financial opportunities exist on the horizon? In this session Jeremy will explain his own views and where he sees things going as well as the income opportunities he is most excited about right now. If you are looking to add income, replace income, or secure your lifestyle for retirement, you will definitely want to watch this session. 

9:00 PM (ET) -  "How to Learn Anything New - FAST"   -  Presented by Millicent St. Claire

Most people put off learning new things because they believe it will take too long. Then a storm comes, and they realize they are not prepared. In this session Millicent St Claire will share some accelerated learning insights that will show you how easy it is to learn new things. With these techniques you will be able to build and acquire new skills in a fraction of the time you previously thought possible. You definitely want to make sure you make it for this super powerful session. 

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